LECC Auxilliary Merchandise

LECC Wine Glasses

Be the envy of the neighbourhood with these stylish refillable glasses. They even hold water. Contact The Aux.

LECC Decals - Sold Out

There are just a few of these beauties left. They are $2.00 ea from The Aux.

LECC Membeship Card

LECC Membership Card

There are only a few of the relics left. These cards are from the last millennium and are in mint condition. Have your card signed by our current President, Joe Currier, to ensure its ever increasing value. (Extra fees may apply)

LECC Merchandise

Contact the Aux for any of these limited products. Hat: $5-, Cup: $4, Thermos: $5, Koozie: $1, Free collectors pen with each purchase.

LECC Golf Tees

LECC Golf Tees - Sold Out

These sought after premium quality, limited edition LECC Golf Tees are guaranteed to shave strokes off of even the best handicaps. (Restrictions apply)