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If you have ever wandered down to Malden Beach to the east of LECC, you may have come across some of the ruins of the restaurant that was once there. It was the Malden Beach restaurant but it had several incarnations. According to Jim Turner, it was originally a Sandwich, Windsor, Amherstburg (SWA) electric trolly. It then was a restaurant that was parked on the corner of Front Road South & County Road 20, just northeast of Ducks on the Roof, soon to be The Point. It later was moved to where its skeleton remains today. Malden Beach was a very popular beach in its day. Holiday Beach did not become a Provincial Park until the Ontario Government bought the property in the 1950’s, from Frank Dayus Sr. of Windsor. Those were the days before air conditioning, so you can imagine how important the water was in those lazy, hazy days of summer. And on your way back to Windsor, where would you stop? The Meadows of course. And that is a whole other story.