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Eagle - Ran Sac Shots

LECC is full of of wildlife. It is a great area for birding. Thanks to Ran Sac Shots for the great birding photographs.

Amherstburg Map and Grow

Jack's Organics Map & Grow

In celebration of Earth Day the Town has coordinated two events, on Saturday, April 20th, see below. Earth Day is officially observed on April 22nd . Receive a FREE sapling. Plant it according to your particular tree's needs. The University of Windsor Research Team will visit your home, plot your tree on our Town's Map using GPS coordinates, and monitor its growth.

Butterfly Garden Series
April 2024 Water Levels
The Lake Erie water level is down 5" from April 2023 and up 4" from March 2024.
Amherstburg Blue Box and Garbage collection
Amherstburg Blue Box and Garbage Collection